RockAdminTweaks is a module for ProcessWire that provides a collection of useful features and hacks, referred to as "tweaks", for the ProcessWire backend. These tweaks can be easily enabled or disabled via checkboxes in the module's configuration page.

RockAdminTweaks - RockAdminTweaks


  • Easy Customization: Users can create their own tweaks by simply adding PHP, JS, or CSS files.
  • Modular Design: Each tweak is self-contained, making it easy to manage and configure.
  • Dynamic Loading: Tweaks are loaded dynamically based on the user's selections, ensuring that only the necessary resources are used.

RockAdminTweaks is the successor to the popular ProcessWire module "AdminOnSteroids". While AdminOnSteroids provided a range of enhancements and customizations for the ProcessWire admin panel, RockAdminTweaks builds upon and extends these features with a more modular and dynamic approach. Users familiar with AdminOnSteroids will find RockAdminTweaks to be a familiar experience.

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