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    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! This is a gamechanger!!

    Jens Martsch

    Web Developer

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    This is the ONE thing that was missing for PW! My first project was a joy and I just gave my client a mini introduction to the page builder and they were very impressed!

    Matthias Brost

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    RockPageBuilder is the module that finally gets page builders right. It provides powerful tools for developers while giving clients the the ease of use they want. Other offerings force users to be designers but RockPageBuilder lets them focus on content, and puts developers in control of aesthetics. I've been vocal about the complex problems that page builders introduce, but with this module I can deliver remarkable results with confidence.


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    I don't want to go back to RepeaterMatrix. I still have an old project with it and it is really cumbersome once you have worked with RockPageBuilder.

    Stefan Thumann

    aka "stefanowitsch",

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    At first, I had reservations because RockPageBuilder totally changes my usual workflow. But it "clicked" very quickly and suddenly everything was totally logical and simple. Now I really enjoy working with it and I can develop websites faster than ever before.

    Gerhard Sitzmann

    aka "gebeer", Web-Developer

    Many modules, ONE standardised price.

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    Instant access to RockPageBuilder

    1 Month Updates + Support

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    Lifetime licence

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    Instant access to RockPageBuilder

    12 Months Updates + Support

    🚀🚀 For unlimited websites

    👨‍💻👨‍💻 For unlimited developers

    Lifetime licence

    Public Forum Support

    Private e-mail support

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    Instant access to ALL Rock modules

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    RockPageBuilder Unlim. 249€
    RockPdf Unlim. 249€
    RockSettings Unlim. 249€

    Private email support

    SaaS allowed

    Single: If you build one website for one client you can choose the Single license.

    Unlimited: If you build multiple websites for multiple clients you can either buy a Single license for each project or you buy the Unlimited license.

    RockSuite/SaaS: If you build one website where multiple clients are charged for using that software then you need a RockSuite license for that project.

    Are you wondering whether you can renew your licence or updates? Please read the terms and conditions for modules!

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    Our GTC for modules apply.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is RockPageBuilder stable?

      Yes, RockPageBuilder has been under development since 2020 and has already been successfully implemented on several websites by several developers.

    • Do I need to use RockFrontend?

      No. RockFrontend must be installed so that RockPageBuilder can automatically load various assets for frontend editing. You can still develop your frontend however and with whatever you like! You can use markup regions. You can use the wireframe framework. You can use UIkit, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS or any other CSS framework. And you can write normal PHP + CSS instead of LATTE + LESS.

    • Do I have to use a CSS framework?

      No. RockPageBuilder only provides the foundation for the backend and the frontend user interface. Both are independent of which CSS framework is used for the frontend. You can use RPB with UIkit, Bootstrap or even TailwindCSS! The code is 100% under control of the developer.

    • Do I have to learn RockMigrations to use RPB?

      No. RockMigrations works 100% in the background and is only needed for RockPageBuilder to create all the required fields and templates when a new block is created via the GUI. You can still edit your fields via the GUI if you want to. However, if you want to use the full potential and reuse blocks from project to project, you can do that with a few simple arrays and RockMigrations.

    • Can I upgrade from Single to Unlimited or RockSuite?

      Of course, you can upgrade from a single licence to an unlimited or RockSuite licence at any time. The purchase price you have already paid will be credited, so you can test modules without risk with a single licence and upgrade to the extended licences later.

    • Can I implement sidebar layouts with RockPageBuilder?

      Yes! You can create as many RPB fields as you like. For example, one for the normal page content and one where you can provide different elements for the sidebar (e.g. calendar, become a member, news, etc).

    • Can I implement column or grid layouts with RockPageBuilder?

      Technically, this is possible. You can theoretically nest RockPageBuilder fields recursively, but this is against the philosophy of RockPageBuilder and I would not recommend it. One of the main goals of the module is to make it as easy as possible for (inexperienced) customers to use. It is not a visual design tool where you can arrange elements on the page as you like. Instead, it offers you the possibility to define blocks (sections) very quickly and easily, which your customers can arrange in any order. Blocks whose code you define as a developer. Whose design you define as a designer. Whose content your customers can easily enter without having to be a web developer or designer themselves.

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