Superpowers for your agency

You have a new project request but not enough resources to accept the job? 😳

I can help! 🚀

You have many requests but no resources?

Are you looking for a freelancer?
Someone who thinks along with you and makes creative suggestions?
Who can program and not just install plugins?
Who is honest, fair and reliable?

Let me introduce ... 😉🙌

I am Bernhard Baumrock and I have over 20 years of experience in the development of high-performance websites.

With the content management system "ProcessWire", I discovered the Swiss Army Knife of web development over 10 years ago and have since implemented every conceivable project with it. It is much better performing and more secure than WordPress and is also very easy to maintain and simple. My customers love it and I was also allowed to present it at the PHP Meetup Vienna 2023.

As an entrepreneur, I know what is important for successful web projects and can therefore implement orders independently to a very high degree. Communication with me is quick and uncomplicated, either by email, WhatsApp, Slack or via online video meeting.

Let's rock the internet together! 🤘

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Bernhard Baumrock